ASU Degree Works logoOn October 1, 2012, students who entered the university Fall, 2009 and later gained access to DegreeWorks (DW) through AppalNet. DegreeWorks allows both students and advisors to view the student's academic record filtered into the program of study for all majors and minors. Degreeworks provides 24-7 access to:

  • a full description of specific requirements for the student.
  • an easy way to see what requirements are not yet met.

As with any student data, faculty should access this information only for legitimate educational reasons,  and all information must remain confidential as required by FERPA regulations.

The Beaver College of Health Sciences will use DegreeWorks as the primary record of the approved Program of Study. Majors and minors that require contracts or advisor approval of particular courses should be submitted to the BCHS Office of Advising and Academic Support as soon as possible during a student’s academic career in order to ensure the DegreeWorks record is complete.

Students with required minors/second academic concentrations or who intend to pursue a minor as an elective course of study should come to the BCHS Office of Advising and Academic Support to declare their minor so DegreeWorks can reflect those requirements. More information is provided below.


  • Quick tips for using DegreeWorks
  • Training Sessions: The Registrar's Office is providing general training for faculty advisors on how to use  DW with students.  The BCHS Office of Advising and Academic Support has held familiarization sessions for faculty and now encourages you to attend a training session if you still have questions. Watch your e-mail for announcements or go to the training website.
  • Customized Training Sessions on a specific program for faculty advisors: E-mail Tina Proctor to arrange a session.
  • General website including tutorials -- general help for faculty and students at all levels.
  • FAQ for Faculty Advisors
  • FAQ for BCHS Students

To submit major and minor contracts or substitutions or waivers, please note that our current practice is NOT changing.  Faculty should e-mail all information to, copying your department chairperson. We will update DegreeWorks as appropriate.