Faculty and Staff Awards

 BCHS 2017 Award Winners
Pictured left to right: Steve McAnulty, Jennifer Zwetsloot, Janice Koppenhaver, Derek Mohr, Melanie Austin, Angela Heavner. Not pictured: Annette Ward

Each year the Beaver College of Health Sciences recognizes members of the faculty and staff that represent excellence in teaching, research, and service. The winners demonstrate a degree of excellence that the Beaver College of Health Sciences strives for in all areas. Award recipients are nominated by fellow faculty and staff.

Criteria for the Outstanding Research and Scholarly Endeavors Award

  • Tenure Track Faculty member with at least one year of full-time employment at ASU
  • Demonstrated accomplishment of research and scholarly activity in the faculty member's field or discipline
  • Consistent and sustained record of performance over time
  • Perceived impact of the faculty member's research on their field or discipline, to include such considerations as:
    • Quality of journals in which the faculty member publishes
    • Quality of proceedings and conference presentations of this faculty member
    • Quality of other published materials (books, monographs, reviews, etc.)
    • Quality and funding levels of grants and contracts

Criteria for the Outstanding Service Award

  • Tenure Track Faculty or Non-tenure Track Faculty member with at least one year of full-time employment at ASU
  • Demonstrated achievements that reflect a continuing commitment to service over the faculty member's ASU career, with emphasis on recent service activities
  • Internal service activities where the faculty member demonstrates leadership or other contributions that result in significant enhancement to the department, college or university
  • External service activities where the faculty member's contributions enhance their profession and/or discipline (such as service to professional associations, health care agencies or providers, community service agencies, etc. )

Criteria for the Outstanding Teaching Award

  • Tenure Track or Non-Tenure Track Faculty member with at least 2 semesters of teaching experience at ASU
  • Consistent and commendable teaching performance, with specific attention to recent performance and the faculty member's competence and command of the subject matter
  • Teaching performance where the faculty member demonstrates extra effort, enthusiasm for student learning, commitment to assessment of student learning outcomes, innovative teaching techniques and/or concern for student intellectual and personal development that results in significant learning experiences for their students

Criteria for the Outstanding Professional/Administrative Staff Member Award

  • Staff member with at least one year of full-time employment at ASU
  • Exceptional performance of their duties in a manner that exemplifies the Appalachian Spirit and contributes significantly to the department/unit in which they work

Criteria for the 'Making a Difference' Award

This award will be presented to a BCHS faculty or staff member (with one year of employment at ASU) who makes or has made a significant difference in the lives of our students. Through conscientious performance of their job duties or by going the extra mile on behalf of students, this person has distinguished their department, unit or the college as being committed to providing an excellent learning environment for our students.

Past Award Winners


Tenure Track Research 

Tenure Track Teaching 

Tenure Track Service 

Non Tenure Track Teaching 

Non Tenure Track Service 


Making a Difference 


Scott Collier, HES

Melissa Gutschall, NHM 

Kellie Reed-Ashcraft, SW 

Jennifer Zwetsloot, HES 

Laurie Rivera, HES 

Janet Moretz, RMPE 

Tina Proctor, Student Services 


Jeff McBride, HES

Kellie Reed-Ashcraft, SW

Louise Keegan, CSD 

Travis Erikson, HES 

Kyle Thompson, NHM 

Eveline Watts, Office of the Dean 

Dana Brackney, Nursing 


Denise Levy, SW 

Elizabeth McGrady, NHM 

Scott Collier, HES 

Kristian Jackson, RMPE 

Roachel Laney, HES 

Tanya Randall, Student Services 

Susan Roggenkamp, Office of the Dean 


Stephanie West, RMPE 

Ashley Goodman, HES

Dave Williams, NHM 

Joe Boitnotte, RMPE 

Heather Thorp, SW 

Angie Jones, CSD 

Sherri Wilson, Faculty/Staff Health Promotion 


Melissa Gutschall, NHM 

Lisa McAnulty, NHM 

Michael Howell, SW 

Melissa Bryan, NHM 

Travis Erickson, Advising 

Debe Jones, CSD 

Kim McCullough, CSD 


 Steve McAnulty, HES

 Derek Mohr, HES

 Jennifer Zwetsloot, HES

Melanie Austin,  HES

 Annette Ward, SW

Angela Heavner, Nursing 

 Janice Koppenhaver, Advising & Academic Support