Members of the May, 2011 CHS Graduating Class

 Graduation Requirements

At the beginning of each term the Registrar’s Office notifies eligible students of the required procedure to apply for graduation. Failure to apply means failure to graduate. The deadline for applying is published each semester on the Registrar’s web site. Students must meet all, at minimum, the following requirements to graduate:

  • Minimum of 120 – 128 semester hours
  • At least 50 semester hours of credit must be from a senior (4-year) institution.
  • At least 18 semester hours of credit in the major must be from Appalachian State University.
  • At least 9 semester hours of credit in the minor must be from Appalachian State University.
  • All major and minor specific requirements met
  • All Core Curriculum or General Education requirements met
  • All Special Designators or Designations met
  • All “I” (Incomplete) grades removed from transcript
  • Minimum GPA requirements must be met
  • All accounts must be cleared (library, housing, financial aid, etc.)
  • All additional departmental and major-specific requirements

Please see the Registrar's Office site for deadlines and more detailed information.