IPE Opportunities


BCHS Case Study Event

Each fall and spring BCHS students gather to discuss a clinical case. Students learn the critical need for interprofessional collaboration and get to participate in a process that provides them with a glimpse into the future of clinical care.


IPE Digital Badge Program

The Interprofessional Practice and Education (IPE) Digital Badge Program is a series of three digital badges that recognizes achievement of the interprofessional education core competencies essential for the provision of high-quality team-based health care.  


Interprofessional Course/Classroom Experiences

Within their courses, BCHS students may have the opportunity to interact with students from different programs to discuss case studies and professional issues. Additionally, some may have the opportunity to participate in simulations or standardized patient experiences.  These experiences allow students to gain insight into the roles and responsibilities of various professions and provides an opportunity to experience interprofessional communication and teamwork. 


Interprofessional Practice Opportunties

IPE Clinic: The mission of the Blue Cross NC Institute for Health and Human Services is to promote multidisciplinary research opportunities, clinical services, community outreach, and training programs related to holistic health and well-being with the overarching goal of improving lives through transformative social, environmental, and healthcare advances. In keeping with this mission, the Interprofessional Clinic aspires to provide interprofessional clinical training opportunities for students through supervised clinical services.

BCHS Interprofessional Presentations

Check the calendar for upcoming presentations.

IPE Calendar