Mission & Strategy


The Beaver College of Health Sciences will be the preeminent and most comprehensive academic center for health professions in western North Carolina. We will be recognized nationally for our innovation and collaboration in education, scholarship and service that produces high quality graduates, attracts superior faculty and staff, and transforms health and quality of life for the communities we serve.


The mission of the Beaver College of Health Sciences is to provide transformative education, conduct collaborative research that advances knowledge and practice in our disciplines, and engage in community service that enhances health and quality of life in our region. To accomplish our mission, the Beaver College of Health Sciences blends diverse health-related disciplines that are committed to:

  • Meeting the existing and future health-related workforce needs in our region
  • Improving organizations and systems of health and human services throughout NC
  • Advancing applied knowledge and practice through research and scholarly activity
  • Engaging in partnerships with health and human services agencies and organizations
  • Providing socially responsive clinical and community outreach in Northwestern NC
  • Implementing collaborative & transformative models of education, research & service

Strategic Themes for Developing the College Include:

The following themes provide the foundation for developing our strategic initiatives and operational goals to advance the mission and vision of the College:

  • Achieving Academic Distinction (QP2)
  • Developing a Collaborative and Cohesive Culture
  • Engaging in Public and Private Partnerships
  • Securing External Resources
  • Enhancing Transcultural Opportunities