Appalachian is all in the family


Andrea Yontz pictured with son Joshua, a sophomore in Health and Physical Education (left) and Emily, a graduate student in Mathematical Sciences (right). Photo submitted.

Andrea Yontz graduates this August with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. Yontz has been a nurse for over 23 years. When she decided she wanted to further her education to pursue her passion in rural health care, Appalachian was one of the first places she researched.

According to Yontz, “I’m a big Appalachian fan, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the exceptional graduates from App’s nursing program. I also have family (her son and daughter currently attend Appalachian) and friends who went to Appalachian and loved the community atmosphere and quality of education they received.” The most important reason for Yontz choosing Appalachian was the emphasis the program places on rural and global health. “Appalachian’s MSN program recognizes the need to take health care outside the hospital walls and provide care to those in the community and beyond, especially to those in more high risk areas. That focus spoke to my passion,” said Yontz.

Yontz also appreciated the flexibility of the program, “The online program provides access for those working, while providing personal connection as needed. My professors were always available for me, either by phone or if I was going to be on campus, they were available for me to meet in person as well.” As far as what’s next for Yontz, she would love to enter into a Ph.D. program and eventually teach at the university level. Until then, she plans to continue her patient education work at Mission Hospital in Asheville.

Yontz would love the opportunity to one day teach at Appalachian, “I love the design of the program and the chance to teach students who see health care as a global initiative would be very rewarding for me.”

Published: May 18, 2018 2:19pm