Congratulations to our Beaver College of Health Sciences Student Athletes!

We are excited to be celebrating another year of high academic achievement among student-athletes. In fact, we are recognizing student-athletes, managers, trainers, video crew, cheerleaders and dance team members for making the Fall 2019 Academic Honor Roll. To make the Honor Roll, the students achieved a semester GPA of 3.25 or higher, while enrolled in 12 or more credit hours. To reach this achievement while being involved in a Division I sport is a testament to their commitment, hard work, and sacrifice. As a whole, Appalachian’s student-athletes had a cumulative GPA above a 3.0 for the 15th consecutive semester.

Please join us as we honor these students during halftime of the Women’s Basketball game on Thursday, February 27.  Tip-off is 6:30 p.m.

Athletic Trainers recognized 2-27-2020

Kendall McGowan, Baseball


John Yakubinis, Baseball


Andrew Muse, Men’s Basketball

Brooke Bigott, Women’s Basketball

Tierra Wilson, Women’s Basketball

Chloe Bell, Field Hockey


Kaley Selner, Field Hockey


Otis Caldwell, Football


Joseph Cave, Football


Markell Clark, Football


Willie Edwards, Football


Cole Garrison, Football


Noah Hannon, Football


William Hardin, Football


Lyle Hiers, Football


Jacob Huesman, Football


Fredy Reyes-Irias, Football


Joshua Thomas, Football


Keishawn Watson, Football


Abigail Bolt, Women’s Golf


Carrie Ganim, Women’s Golf


Sarah Hardin, Women’s Golf


Patricia Thompson, Women’s Golf

Kenzie Longanecker, Softball


Baylee Morton, Softball


Taylor Nichols, Softball


Roman Galaska, Men’s Soccer


Parker Washburn, Men’s Soccer

Blair Anderes, Women’s Soccer

Amber Anderson, Women’s Soccer

Tess Cairney, Women’s Soccer


Olivia Cohen, Women’s Soccer

Gabrielle Cormier, Women’s Soccer

Jessica Easley, Women’s Soccer

Maggie Hanusek, Women’s Soccer

Molly Niewald, Women’s Soccer

Kathryn Ransone, Women’s Soccer

Amanda Sales, Women’s Soccer

Blake Carter, Men’s Tennis


Virginia Poggi, Women’s Tennis

Maria Zacarias, Women’s Tennis

Westley Dershem, Men’s Track & Field

John Fravel, Men’s Track & Field

Peter Kenn, Men’s Track & Field

Zachery Weinstein, Men’s Track & Field

Daryn Armstrong, Women’s Track & Field

Samara Gibson, Women’s Track & Field

Caroline Grier, Women’s Track & Field

Lainey Hunnicutt, Women’s Track & Field

Lila Peters, Women’s Track & Field

Maya Sweeney, Women’s Track & Field

Sarah Venable, Women’s Track & Field

Victoria Wilform, Women’s Track & Field

Allison Corey, Women’s Track & Field

Georgia Kelso, Women’s Track & Field

Pauline Mangold, Women’s Track & Field

Anna Smarrelli, Women’s Track & Field

Cody Bond, Wrestling


Paul Carson, Wrestling


Thomas Flitz, Wrestling


Kaitlyn Brown, Volleyball


Mccall Denny, Volleyball


Morgan Flores, Volleyball


Amya Giger, Volleyball


Alexis Kohut, Volleyball


Sarah Missroon, Volleyball


Grace Morrison, Volleyball


Karalyn Spicer, Volleyball


Victoria Wilform, Volleyball


Kristen Ahoush, Athletic Manager

Jacob Fisher, Athletic Manager

Emma Gaines, Athletic Manager

Landon Helton, Athletic Manager

Carsyn Kilgo, Athletic Manager

Taylor Little, Athletic Manager


Caroline Penland, Athletic Manager

Christopher Pettus, Athletic Manager

Tyler Rountree, Athletic Manager

Gracyn Ruffin, Athletic Manager

Maren Shumaker, Athletic Manager

Henry Stone, Athletic Manager

Maggie Bellamy, Athletic Trainer

Haley Berry, Athletic Trainer


Jennifer Blackburn, Athletic Trainer

Todd Coombs, Athletic Trainer


Erika Foster, Athletic Trainer


Emily Gumowitz, Athletic Trainer

Megan Inness, Athletic Trainer

Haley Kanapaux, Athletic Trainer

Shelby Lowe, Athletic Trainer


Morgan Mann, Athletic Trainer

Adriana Mendoza, Athletic Trainer

Alexis Osorio, Athletic Trainer


Caleb Spencer, Athletic Trainer

Lindsey Turbyfill, Athletic Trainer

Ashley White, Athletic Trainer


Madison Brookshire, Cheerleader

Mackenzie Burkhart, Cheerleader

Ashley Giordano, Cheerleader


Randolph Harper, Cheerleader

Caitlin Kozak, Cheerleader


Laken Patterson, Cheerleader


Kate Poythress, Cheerleader


Kamryn Taylor, Cheerleader


Carly Thompson, Cheerleader


Abby Leopard, Dance


Elly Leatherman, Dance


Student Athletes
Published: Feb 27, 2020 1:46pm