Speech-Language Pathology student Kristin Agee creates a successful intervention session for clients


Pictured left to right: Annaliese Moody, CSD undergraduate participant, JT, client and Kristin Agee, CSD graduate student.

Kristin Agee, a first semester Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate student developeda successful intervention session by creatively incorporating her client’s goals into play. Agee incorporated a tent, sleeping bag, and typical camping items to address the goals of increasing the client’s spontaneous utterances, including medial “p” sounds in single words (e.g., camping, sleeping), and position words (e.g., inside, outside, on top).

Agee reflected on her experience as a graduate clinician in Appalachian’s Speech-Language Pathology program, “I have been encouraged to provide my clients with activities that are both creative and engaging, with an emphasis placed on incorporating the client’s interests into speech-language therapy. Behind the client’s ability to remain motivated is the ability of the clinician to construct an innovative learning experience. With this philosophy in mind, I have been able to watch my clients progress towards their goals while having fun! ”

Published: Jan 4, 2018 9:11am