Student Awards 2020 - 2021

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Each year the Beaver College of Health Sciences commemorates our students’ achievements during our spring student awards ceremony. These students were selected by the BCHS faculty through a very competitive process and represent the cornerstone of what Appalachian State University is about — academic performance and scholarship. We hope you enjoy the ceremony's video and learning a little more about these outstanding students (and their excellent faculty and staff) as you hear about some of their accomplishments and career goals.

Undergraduate Academic Awards — These students were selected based on their cumulative grade point averages, their overall academic performance and scholarship, and their high standards of academic integrity.

Athletic Training - Lindsey Turbyfill

Communication Sciences & Disorders - Daniel Pittman

Exercise Science - Sophie Osada

Health, Physical Education & Coaching - Samantha Nicole Camisa

Health Care Management - Genie Morris

Nursing - Chesnee Sheehan

Nutrition & Foods - Hannah Larson

Public Health - Gracyn Travitz

Recreation Management - Briggs Shealy

Social Work - Lauren Brooke Parker

Undergraduate Leadership Awards —These recipients have distinguished themselves through their service to their peers, to their degree program, to the university and/or to the community. They are recognized for their leadership either informally among their classmates or in a formal capacity such as serving as an officer of a student club or other campus activities. Strong leadership is an important characteristic for future health professions and these students represent the type of effective leadership needed within our communities.

Athletic Training - Jennifer Blackburn

Communication Sciences & Disorders - Zykkiah Silver

Exercise Science - Matthew Canjar

Health, Physical Education & Coaching - Braden Faw

Health Care Management - Mary Katheryn Monath

Nursing - Bryce Samuel Ore

Nutrition & Foods - Tyler Paige Trudo

Public Health - Molly Fox

Recreation Management - Ruth A. Aaron

Social Work - Brielle Kaluzny

Graduate Student Awards — Graduate Student Award recipients are recognized for demonstrating high standards of integrity, excellent academic performance, professionalism, career potential and significant contributions to the department, University and/or community.

Exercise Science - Marc A. Augenreich

Health Administration - Miranda Morgan Pennachi

Nursing - Dericka Hollifield

Nutrition - Stacey Deng

Social Work - Liam Waller

Speech-Language Pathology - Madison McMahon Grey

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Student Awards Ceremony program available in pdf for download.


Student Awards Zoom congratulatory cheers
Published: Apr 15, 2021 8:18am