Beaver College of Health Sciences Awards Outstanding Faculty and Staff

By Amanda Mlekush 

The Beaver College of Health Sciences held its annual awards ceremony on Aug. 17 in Levine Hall and presented its annual awards for faculty and staff. 

Dr. Gail Donaldson receives Making a Difference Award

Photo cutline: Dr. Gail Donaldson (center) received one of the college's Making A Difference award for her amazing work last academic year to chair two of the college's six departments. She's pictured here with Dr. Heather Thorp and Dr. Deborah Phillips from the Department of Social Work, where she served as Interim Chair. Dean Marie Huff is standing to the right during the announcement. 

Fall 2023 award recipients are:

See the college's comprehensive of Award Winners or Parachute winners

“Each year, we receive nominations from colleagues, students and others for the college awards,” said Dean Marie Huff, PhD. “Reading through those nominations often provides even more insight into the impact our faculty and staff are having on our students, the community and each other. It is a wonderful way to start the year as a college by recognizing these incredible individuals and celebrating their work.” 

In addition, these faculty were promoted and/or received tenure or an advanced ranking: 

Promoted to Senior Lecturer

Promoted to Associate and/or Tenured

Promoted to Full Professor

4 photos of award winners round 2

First grouping (clockwise) shows: Jennifer Tyson, Dr. Erik Rabinowitz, Dr. Greta Knigga-Daugherty and Dr. Mike Howell with Dean Huff. 

Second group (clockwise) shows: Lee Wittmann, April Ward, Dr. Danielle Nunnery and Bryan Belcher with Dean Huff. 

4 photos of award winners round 3


4 photos of award winner

Third group (clockwise) shows: Dr. Ashley Marshall, Dr. Jill Juris, Dr. Kelly Williams and Dr. Holly Hanley with Dean Huff.

Fourth group (clockwise) shows: Dr. Marco Meucci, Dr. Gail Donaldson (with Dr. Heather Thorp and Dr. Deborah Phillips from Social Work), Dr. Kym Fasczewski and Dr. Ashley Goodman. 

 4 photos of award winner 4


Published: Aug 21, 2023 12:01pm